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Single Design Commercial License

Single Design Commercial License

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This Commercial license covers a SINGLE digital file purchased from Sweetly Savage Co. to sell Screen prints, Sublimation prints, DTF prints, Decals, Patches, Fabric, Wholesale stickers of any and all designs in this shop.

You MUST purchase ONE License PER Design, unless you have the yearly license

Commercial licenses are required for the use of any digital downloads being used for printing and selling of any decal or transfer or stickers— this includes any and all screen prints, sublimation prints, DTF prints, eco solvent transfers, clear or white cast decals, water slide decals, vinyl sheets, patches, fabric etc.  This license is meant to be purchased in conjunction with files or images themselves. There is no artwork that comes with this commercial license add on.


Annual Commercial Licensing is only valid for the year it was purchased. If you purchase the annual licensing, you do not need to purchase any individual licenses for the year.



Make or sell digital products with my files.

Share or sell the digital file, with anyone, or any business.

Upload to any sharing site or dump groups.

Copy or create items which look very similar to any Sweetly Savage Co Designs.


Use any of my files as an element to make another file


Alter the files in anyway EXCEPT for single color files which may be changed to another single color.


Post files or mock-ups without a watermark clearly covering the artwork, which protects Sweetly Savage Co.

Use the design in logo design, third party printing, or stand alone prints.


Ask someone else to remake a design made by Sweetly Savage Co.


Failing to purchase this license, or doing any of the above, may also result in the revocation of all commercial rights to any previously purchased designs without a refund, and could also result in legal action being taken against you/your business.


If you are not following licensing, you may be removed and banned from using and purchasing all Sweetly Savage Digital files (including ones you've already purchased.) If proof of sales/licensing is requested, and you are unable to provide it, I have the right to revoke commercial rights and refuse service/sales to you.



Due to the nature of these digital products, I do not accept refunds or exchanges. Please be kind, We’re all human, we all make mistakes. If you find any issues with your file, send me an email so I can help you!

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